Flow Error handling

Because you will need it….

Always validate anything that comes from a user.

When somethign goes wrong, capture the error and write it to an entity. You will need:

  1. The URL of the Flow run:
  2. The error from the Flow that made it fail.

To get the Flow run URL use:


To get the error codes, use a Try Catch (in scopes). The catch scope will run on fail of the catch scope.

Result from Try : result('Try')

Filter array result : outputs('Result_from_Try') and item()?['status']

Error Output to write to log.

Error action : body('Filter_array_Result')[0]?['name']

body: body('Filter_array_Result')[0]?['outputs']?['body']['error']?['message']

Output after a run:

Flow Run : https://unitedkingdom.flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/tt21ceed-zzzz-zzzz-yyyy-b4c05c6a5ba5/flows/be91ecdb-9ded-e466-047d-da81cbfcd4d5/runs/08585752274884620792333018212CU08
error Action : Add_user_to_PowerApps_group
body: One or more added object references already exist for the following modified properties: 'members'.

Hat Tip to Richard Wilson.

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