Power Automate useful things

In List rows, how to filter on 2 or more things:

name eq 'Yertle Turtle' and address1_city eq 'Pond'

name eq 'Basic User' or name eq 'Delegate'

Get the first item from a list rows:


Check to see items are returned:

length(outputs('List_records')?['body/value']) in condition is greater than 0

Get a portion of a string:

3 ways, slice(),split() or substring(). Use substring when you know the string’s format. Split turns the string into an array if you have a useful splitting character.

i.e. split(‘Your ticket has been updated[IT-1111]’, ‘IT-‘) will bring back an array:


“Your ticket has been updated[“,


] and then use replace() to remove the trailing ] –


Slice() takes the string and two further parameters which are usually indexof expressions –






Get the trigger details for create or modify

triggerOutputs()?[‘body/SdkMessage’] returns Create, Update.

If Syntax : if(equals(outputs(‘AccountRecord’)?[‘body/industrycode’], 1), ‘Yes’, ‘No’)

Check to see if a null value is returned:


Check to see if a empty cell in Excel is returned:

Trigger conditions to allow or prevent Flow from firing:

  • @not(contains(triggerBody()?['from'],'help@mydomain.co.uk')) for email
  • @true(triggerBody()?['my_field'])
  • @not(empty(triggerBody()?['ltcit_ithelpdeskusers']))

Get a URL to the current Flow (geo region may need to change!)


Simplifying Writing expressions:

Instead of :


you can write more simply


Need to look into more for sure!

Get the triggering user:




Write a null user to an entity record lookup, when confronted with systemuser(null).

Escape out quotes in strings:

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