Dynamics/DataVerse Little Tips

  1. Debug on the URLs:

adding ‘ribbondebug=true’ to the URL string will show a new command bar icon called ‘Command Checker’. Don’t add it after the id= at the end but somewhere in the middle. This shows lots of interesting info on the toolbar icons.

2. Using appname instead of appid in the URL string. AppIDs are different per environment, so not great for sharing URLs between UAT and prod, whereas appnames will be the same. Cuts down on user confusion:

Instead of:




3. Getting a quick record count of Dynamics/DataVerse records:

Use the RetrieveTotalRecordCount in the URL which counts all records (over 50k as well), but both active and inactive.


If it’s a custom entity use the underlying name like ‘pub_myCustomEntity’.

4. Turning off the annoying Feedback Survey in the app studio

Everyone hates that popup in the middle of work to ask you to give feedback. This is a tenant level setting and can be turned off with PowerShell.

First run PowerShell as an admin, and ensure the PowerApps module is installed:

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell

Then the command:


will prompt a login and show you all the settings, all false by default.

From this post by Sharepains, type in :

$requestBody = @{disableSurveyFeedback = $true}

followed by:

Set-TenantSettings -RequestBody $requestBody

to turn that survey off.

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