Power Automate: Creating Teams, Tabs and Channels

There are various ways of creating Teams with Power Automate: The Create Team action in Flow. Currently, very limited options available. Create a Team from an Azure Group. This still requires the Graph API to create the group. Clone a current Team (Graph)– this is a really useful method, as it allows non IT people … More

A way of getting Dynamics’ License members

Azure AD does not let you export users assigned a license. Group members can be exported, but not licences. Another reason to use Groups to assign licenses ! If you need all the members of a license type in a nice Excel spreadsheet, then : First you need to get the SKU of the license … More

Sending DataVerse Emails in Power Automate Flow

Flow has the Outlook connectors for sending emails, from a shared mailbox or an individual account. But when using these, they are not connected into DataVerse, and it’s generally better to have any emails visible through the underlying app. If your app is built on DataVerse, then don’t use the Outlook connector, use the built … More

Patching DataVerse from a Canvas App Error Handling

Simply, check for any errors ! Below example is using a DataVerse table called Jobs, and the record being patched is held in selRequest. With( { wUpdateJob: Patch( Jobs, LookUp( Jobs, Jobs = selRequest.tm_jobsid ), {‘Process Job’: true} ) }, If( IsBlank(wUpdateJob), Notify( “There was an error submitting your request: ” & Last(Errors(Jobs)).Message, NotificationType.Error ) … More

Client Secrets in Flow

To be secure one never wants to have a client secret in plain text in Power Automate. So set up a Key vault in Azure which is linked to an app registration with the necessary permissions. First set up the app registration on Fill in a name and best to stick to organization only … More

Connection References and Solutions – Best Practice?

One thing I’ve learned about moving solutions between environments, is get those connection references right to save a world of pain. Generally, when writing a new Flow, the connections are created as you write the Flow, and the system creates something or chooses something that is hard to understand, as they are unnamed. I have … More

Importing a Power Apps Solution into DataVerse for Teams

First, export out from your source as managed/unmanaged as to your preference. Note: Ensure all environment variables are cleared out first of current values, as they are a pain to deal with in DataVerse for teams. I deal with this by using a manual Flow to update the value(s). See TBD. Then, add the PowerApps … More

DataVerse String maps / Choices in Flow

When needing to set a Choice value in a DataVerse entity from Flow, one needs to use the attribute value (the long number) as opposed to the nice label. How to get this dynamically so it does not need to be hardcoded in the Flow? First, get the entity name and the Choice/Option set name … More


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